About Me


The baker behind Front Porch Bakery, LLC


I'm Krystal, the southern firecracker behind Front Porch Bakery, LLC.  

In my kitchen I'm always whipping up custom desserts or new flavors to share just because.  

When I'm not in the kitchen baking up something delicious, you can find me outside soaking up sunshine with my hubby and fur-kids, binge watching TV shows, exploring local businesses, or diving into a good book.  Books, music, amazing friends, corney jokes, and COFFEE are what keep me going.  Did I mention coffee?!   

So, how did Front Porch come about?  I know y'all are losing sleep over this.  Fear not, the long awaited answer is here.  Once Upon a Time in a land far, far away...

kidding...Girl has jokes!  Long story short, I started a career right of college and started doing the corporate thing.  I've lived in Ohio, Minnesota, and New York, but ultimately made my way back home to TEXAS!  Fast forward 13 years and I knew I was missing that passion and joy of creating things for others.  Sure, I would create sales solutions for others...BUT its not the same as whipping up something delicious in the kitchen and seeing the joy on peoples faces.

Moral of the story...life is short...LOVE what you do and HUSTLE hard to make your dreams come true. 

Front Porch Bakery, LLC operates under the Texas Cottage Food Laws.

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